The Husband and I

My husband and I really are the definition of opposites attracting. I am an extrovert, he is an introvert. I like adventures, he is more than happy to stay at home. I see the opportunities in a situation, he sees the dangers. I want to jump feet first, he dips his toe while trying to decide. I could carry on forever, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Being so different comes with some obvious challenges, but somehow it also works. When I want to jump into a situation which could potentially be risky, he will advise caution and make sure that all scenarios are considered. When he wants to hide away and ignore the world, I will force him to explore. 

If someone had told me years ago that I would be married to my polar opposite, I would have laughed. I honestly thought it would drive me mad and, if I’m honest, sometimes it does. I get frustrated and fed up, but then I remember all of the times that he was right. I don’t tell him often enough, but he is right most of the time. When he advises against a leap of faith or suggests not doing something, it has often worked out for the best. 

It’s not all bad

But, it’s not all negatives. Sometimes having someone who is your opposite to bounce ideas off of can be useful. My husband may advise me against certain things, but he is also my biggest cheerleader. He is the reason that I started writing in the first place. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. He has quietly stood there at the sidelines, supporting and boosting me when I needed it most. He still does. Every. Single. Day.

Sometimes, I get frustrated that he is happy to not make waves, but I guess that he sees it differently. He may say that I’m making enough waves in our lives for both of us while he is the steadying force that stops us from capsizing. When I had a mental breakdown almost 4 years ago, my husband was the lighthouse that got me through the storm, even when it was too dark for me to see it. When I want to go off on adventures, he will always go with me if I ask him to, even if I know he would rather be somewhere else. 

I’m not entirely sure what the point of this blog post is. Maybe I just needed to vent my thoughts and emotions. Maybe I want it preserved forever in the world of the internet; that I see what he does and appreciate him for it, even if it seems like I’m always trying to push him further. Maybe I’ve written it to remind myself of the positives when I am feeling frustrated by what seems like inaction. Whatever the reason, it’s here now. 

Opposites really do attract and we are proof of it.

the husband and I
The husband and I

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