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permanently outnumbered

Hi, my name is Kim and I am the face behind ‘Permanently Outnumbered’. Welcome to my world!

I am the mother of a large family; permanently outnumbered by the miniature versions of myself I somehow manage to keep alive. With five children of my own and a step-son, life is never dull.

When I am not running around after the children, which is a similar experience to herding cats, I can usually be found writing articles, blogs and website content for a variety of clients. In my spare time, I enjoy reading as much as I possibly can, writing for pleasure and exploring the coastal towns around my home.

I started this blog as a way of documenting the realities of life with a large family as well as writing my opinions on topics which affect families in the UK. Social media so often tells us that we need to have shiny, happy lives where everything is perfect, but this is impossible to achieve and often leaves us feeling like failures. I want this to be a safe space where people can share their experiences and hopefully we can all realise that none of us are failing, we are all just trying to survive parenthood as best we can. Nobody has all of the answers and if they say that they do, they’re lying.

Here, I share the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. I am always honest about my experiences.

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