Out-Earning my Husband Doesn’t Worry Me.

Recently I saw an article which said that millennial women were worried about out-earning their partners . It got me thinking. The article was originally published in 2017, but I wondered if it could still be true, or whether attitudes have changed.  In my relationship, it is something we have talked about a lot. We… Continue reading Out-Earning my Husband Doesn’t Worry Me.

The Things Children Say

I was talking to someone on LinkedIn recently and was reminded of some of the strange and, quite honestly, hilarious things that children say. It’s well known that young children especially have no filter. They literally say whatever pops into their heads and don’t worry about how what they say is received. More often than… Continue reading The Things Children Say

Smear Testing: Why I Support #TheSmearCampaign

Growing up, I only had one grandmother. My mother’s mum had died before I was born. Over the years, I learned that it was because of Cervical Cancer. She had been diagnosed when she was 30, purely by chance as she had been bleeding during her 6th pregnancy. Until that point, she had never had… Continue reading Smear Testing: Why I Support #TheSmearCampaign