All Hail the Cleaners!


I have worked many jobs over the years. Everything from working in a fish and chip shop to being a duty manager for my local community centre. But the job I think is hardest and most unappreciated is cleaning, specifically domestic cleaning. For about 4 months I worked as part of a company that would go into peoples homes and clean for them. The company itself was lovely, it was a small selection of the clients that we’re the problem. 

The majority of people who hire a cleaner are lovely and very appreciative of the fact that paying someone else to clean their toilets or scrub their floors means that they have time to do something else. But every so often you will find a client who doesn’t appreciate the effort or is quite honestly snobbish. 

I once had a lady who complained to my boss about biscuit crumbs on her floor…after she had stopped in the lounge just as I had finished hoovering and stood there eating hobnobs. I had actually re-hoovered the area where she had been standing after she had left. Another client would purposely hide coins or other bits and pieces under rugs and furniture to make sure that I had done the job properly. 

To me, this is just rude. If you don’t trust a cleaner to do a good job, then don’t get one. Or find one you can trust. 

My experience of domestic cleaning put me off completely and if ever I am in a position where decided to hire a cleaner, I would hope that they knew how much I valued what they did. They would be my heroes.

It’s not all bad though, I have to admit I love commercial cleaning. Going into a business when nobody else is there feels a bit like being naughty. It’s like going into the school staff room when you aren’t staff. The clients are generally a lot more appreciative too. I have been a weekend cleaner at my local pub for over a year now and I love it. I go in, put my earphones in and get the job done. 

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