It’s Halloween, but not as you know it

In recent years, there has been a massive surge in the popularity of Halloween partially thanks to an increase in programmes from America depicting extravagantly decorated houses and groups of children trick or treating. Whereas in the past, families would have mostly ignored the occasion or maybe carved a slightly dubious looking pumpkin, now it’s not uncommon for housing estates to compete and see who can make the most extravagant display and Halloween parties have become all the rage. 

This year though, as with most things, Covid-19 has put a bit of a dampener on celebrations. We have seen community events and fireworks displays up and down the country cancelled due to current advice against meeting in groups of more than. Fears surrounding contamination from others means that, for the most part, trick or treating and other festivities can’t happen. 

To make up for this, I have compiled a list of ways you can use the restrictions as an opportunity to start some new traditions as a family; so that children don’t have to miss out entirely. 

– Why not ask other members of your community if they would be willing to put pictures of pumpkins or other Halloween themed images in their windows. Then you can go out on a pumpkin spotting walk with your children and see how many you can find. As an added treat, take some sweets along with you and every pumpkin spotted can earn a reward.

– Spend the afternoon making spooky snacks and then, when it gets dark, sit down together to watch your favourite Halloween themed films. Ghostbusters and The Nightmare Before Christmas are firm favourites in our house.

– Have a Halloween themed party at home. Apple bobbing, pin the spider on the web and Halloween crafts are all fun options. Why not buy some face paint and compete as a family to see who can do the best design.

– Decorate the outside of your house and go for a walk or drive around your community to see who else has decorated.

– Have a sweet hunt in your home or garden similar to an Easter egg hunt.

– Set up a zoom meeting with family or friends and carve pumpkins together. You can make this easier for yourself by scraping out the pumpkins ahead of time. 

Whatever you decide to do with your children this year, have fun and stay safe.

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